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Laser Hair RemovalHesitant about laser hair removal?

Hesitant about laser hair removal?

What’s stopping you from just going for it, right now, whether you’ve been umming and ahhing about laser hair removal for a long or it’s never crossed your mind?

We might be able to alleviate some of your concerns and provide you with some knowledge.

“I don’t have time”

We’ll say it straight up: you do have time. You are already spending time eliminating undesired hair if you do not just let it grow. You are already investing the time, whether it is shaving every time you step out of the shower or making appointments for waxing every six weeks. And there will never be an end to waxing and shaving. You will constantly need to book an appointment or grab the razor. With laser hair removal, the distinction is that you permanently reduce the amount of hair growth with each session. In reality, you are buying your future self some time.

So really, you need to be asking yourself, do you have time not to laser?

“It’s too expensive”

How much money do you spend on razors, and how frequently must you purchase them? How much does a wax cost you every six weeks? In essence, it’s the same as what we said earlier: you’ve already spent the money. Either you regularly spend money on razors or you pay for waxes. But again, with laser hair removal, eventually those appointments are going to be fewer and further between. Because you permanently reduce the hair and stop it from growing back with each session. You should only require one or two treatments per year after completing a cycle of roughly 8 treatments to maintain any regrowth. Your future self will benefit from your financial savings. Compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal can be a much better investment.

So once again, can you afford not to laser?

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“I’m scared it’ll hurt!” 

No one wants to be in agony, let’s face it. Of all, there is the proverbial adage “beauty is suffering,” but this doesn’t have to be the case. There truly isn’t another hair removal method that is absolutely painless, is there? Even though shaving may not feel painful at the time (unless you nick your ankle! ), if you have sensitive skin or get razor burn, those tiny red lumps can be very upsetting. Not to mention the itching and ingrown hairs. And everyone is aware that waxing isn’t really enjoyable.

Laser hair removal is actually pretty gentle in comparison. Although many people don’t find it at all uncomfortable, some people say they get a warm “pinging” feeling on their skin that feels like an elastic band. In your mind, things are almost always lot worse than they are in reality.

“I feel too embarrassed…” 

We comprehend. Most people experience some self-consciousness while exposing private aspects of themselves to total strangers. But this is what we do all day! We actually have seen it all before because we see and treat people on a daily basis. And we don’t even blink.

We’ll do everything in our power to make you feel at ease because we’re kind and competent.

Still feeling unsure about laser hair removal?

Contact Us right now. We’d be more than pleased to talk you through your alternatives and allay your concerns.

And if you’re ready to take the first step toward having smooth, hair-free skin, click over to our Treatment List to see our full selection of laser hair removal treatment options.


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