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Laser Hair RemovalNew Year, Smoother You!

New Year, Smoother You!

Get smoother skin with laser hair removal

The New Year is a time to reflect on our goals and plan our next steps. Maybe you want to lose weight or devote more time to self-care. If getting more me-time and smoother skin is part of your plan, laser hair removal is an excellent option. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, getting laser treatments can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run, which means less time spent on body maintenance and more time to do what you enjoy.

How can laser hair removal save me time?

It’s not the most obvious solution for making time for other things in your busy life, but laser hair removal is a great way to save time on mundane maintenance. If you regularly wax, shave, or tweeze your body hair, you’ll understand how important it is. Of course, this takes time (either to do it yourself at home or to have treatment at a salon).

There’s no need to worry about pre-holiday waxing or shaving in the shower several times a week after your course of treatments. You’re ready to go with little effort.

Why start treatment now?

Winter is the ideal time to begin your laser sessions because you’ll need to keep the areas out of the sun during the treatment. The allure of warm weather and fresh air can be too much to resist in the summer, so now is the ideal time to begin. Choosing a combination treatment, such as a bikini line and underarms, allows you to have these areas treated at the same time, allowing you to be ready for summer sooner.

Another great reason to schedule your first session in January is that you must refrain from using other hair removal treatments while having laser hair removal. This means no waxing, epilating, or tweezing, though shaving is acceptable. Hair grows in cycles and must be targeted at a specific point in the cycle for laser treatment to be effective. If the cycle is disrupted by other methods that remove hair at the root, your laser treatment will be less effective. We tend to be covered up in the winter, so you can let your hair grow freely.

Start your journey to smoother skin

The Brow Designer offers a pain-free, effective service that will leave your skin silky smooth. Contact us today for a consultation and patch test if you’re looking for laser hair removal in Portsmouth

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