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Microblading In Hampshire

Microblading  is also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes. Microblading is Semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. It creates hair-like strokes that are so fine that it’s the most realistic looking treatment yet.

Microblading is a two-part treatment and it is crucial that you come back for a top-up treatment 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

At your top-up appointment, we will assess the colour and shape of your semi permanent makeup and perfect them accordingly. There may be a third treatment that is needed.

Microblading is a form of tattooing, however unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of “tattoo artistry” where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine using lots of tiny needles. I draw hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. Every eyebrow design is unique to you and your face to match your hair colour, hair brows or skin tones.

With the same hand tool but a different type of needle, we can also implant tiny amounts of pigment into the upper eyelid and under the eye to create the effect of eyeliner. This can be a defined line if preferred or in planting an even smaller amount of pigment with an even finer needle to create an eye lash lift. An eyelash lift look creates a fuller looking lash when there is no mascara on the lashes.

With the same hand tool and two different types of needles we can also implant pigment into the lips to create a defined line around the lip and cupids bow to create Lip Liner on your lips. We can also create a Lip Blush using the same colour that is used for the Lip Liner or a slightly lighter colour so that the liner is seen more clearly. One or both treatments can be administered at the same appointment.

The simple answer is everyone is different. Everyone’s skin behaves differently; it exfoliates and rejuvenates at different rates. As the pigment is attached to the skin, this causes it to fade over time. Lighter tones last anywhere between 9 months and 3 years, with darker colours lasting a little longer. As your brows are tattooed on, they will stay there for many years, however, the recommended timescales above is based on them looking their absolute best. The longevity of the brows is extremely dependant on attending the 6-week post-care consultation. Not only will this include a top-up, but will ensure you get the best from your brows.

Microblading is styled and delivered based on your current brows, working with your natural shape and colours.  Leaving your natural eyebrow hair in tact is essential to your final results looking as natural as possible.  Some hairs might be removed for the purpose of shaping but the majority will remain to add to your finished look.

When applying your brows, especially if this is your first course of semi-permanent make-up, I advise on the side of caution and go a few shades lighter. When you initially have the procedure the colour will be between 30-50% lighter after healing. I find after brows have healed and clients return for their top-up appointment, 95% opt to go a little darker.

All colours are mixed specifically to suit your skin tone and hair colour to get your perfect brow look.  All decisions are fully discussed and advised throughout consultation before treatment begins.

Whilst it does fade over time, there will be an impression of the makeup on the skin for many years after application.  The most common form of removal is laser, however this does leave scarring which can be unpleasant on the face.  It is imperative every care is taken throughout the consultation process to get the right technician to help in choosing the right colours for your skin tones.

What Do I Need To Know?

Before Your Treatment

We need to see all our clients 48 hours before any treatment for a consultation; this is free of charge and takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Your consultation process involves a patch-test to ensure you are not allergic to pigment or numbing creams / gel.

At the consultation, we will discuss your brows and what you would like to achieve. We will take pictures of your brows, for our records and mix a pigment that is perfectly suited to your individual colouring.

The Treatment

On the day of your treatment, we apply an anaesthetic cream to maximise your comfort. Treatment is not painful but does involve scratching the surface of the skin so that we can implant the pigment for a long-lasting effect.

Your new brows will be drawn on with pencil to ensure you are completely happy before we start the procedure.

Once you are happy, we mix your individual pigment and then create your new beautiful brows in tiny, hair-like strokes.

The procedure takes approximately one hour, however we ask you to leave a full two hours free so that necessary paperwork can be completed.

Treatment Aftercare

It is important to keep your lovely new brows in tip-top condition whilst they are healing.

We sell an aftercare oil to apply every day for a week which is £10 or until they have healed and are not itchy. This keeps them nice and soft. You must also keep them clean.

We do not recommend exposure to UV light or chlorine immediately after the treatment. Full aftercare advice will be given to you at your appointment.


Microblading is a two-part treatment and it is crucial that you come back for a top-up treatment 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment. Sometimes a third treatment is needed.

At your top-up appointment, we will assess the colour and shape of your brows and perfect them accordingly.

Semi-Permanent Treatments And Pricing

Treatments Currently Offered

Semi-Permanent Brow Treatments
Powder Brow / Shading
Combination Brow​

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Treatments

Semi-Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Blush Treatments


Microblading Single Hairstrokes £140.00 for the initial treatment and £55.00 for the 4-6 week top up

Shaded / Powder Brow £160.00 for the initial treatment and £55.00 for the 4-6 week top up

Combination Brow (Both Shaded and Single Hairstrokes) £160.00 for the initial treatment and top up treatment £60.00

6-9 month colour boosts £55.00 – One treatment only required

9-12 month colour boosts £80.00 – One treatment only required

12-18 month colour boosts £100.00 – Two treatments may be required. Second treatment at the reduced cost of £30.00


Top or Bottom Eyeliner or Eyelash Lift £100.00 for the initial treatment and the top up at 4-6 weeks £50.00

Both the Top and Botton Eyeliner or Eyelash Lift £150.00 for the initial treatment and the top up at 4-6 weeks £65.00

Colour Boosts starting from £50.00 for either Top or Bottom Liner

Colour Boosts starting from £95.00 for both the Top and Bottom liner


Lip Blush is £100.00 for the initial treatment with a top up at 4-6 weeks at £50.00

Lip Liner is £100.00 for the initial treatment with a top up at 4-6 weeks at £50.00

Both Lip Liner and Lip Blush is £150.00 for the initial treatment with a top up at £65.00

Lip Blush Colour Boost starting from £75.00

Lip Liner Colour Boost starting from £55.00

Lip Liner and Lip Blush Colour Boost starting from £100.00


Before any treatment begins, I like to see all of my clients and offer free no-obligation to book consultations. These consultations include a skin test for the numbing gel and pigment that I use and they need to be 48 hours before any treatment. We discuss what is Microblading in more depth so you understand the process and so I can get an understanding of what it is you wish to achieve. I do take a £30.00 deposit if you wish to book a treatment slot at this consultation. Deposits can be taken at a later date when you are ready to book in for an appointment.


On the day of the treatment, I will look in more detail at your skin tone and hair colour. This will allow me to analyse the best pigments to use in order to achieve your semi-permanent makeup appearance.


Using calipers and stencil rulers, I check all measurements to see where your brow should sit. I use as much of the natural brow as I can. I will then template your eyebrows with a pencil. This will allow you to get a clear vision of what your brows will look like and enable any changes to the shape you may wish to make.

The Procedure

Once the numbing cream has settled in, I will begin the procedure. This will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your desired look.  A little discomfort may be felt but we do keep this to a minimum and regularly add numbing gel throughout the treatment for comfort. Regular viewing of your brows is made throughout the treatment until final adjustments are made and your completely happy.


Once your new eyebrows have had chance to settle down, I will invite you back for a follow up appointment. This normally takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment when the skin has healed and are called “Top-Ups”. There may be areas that the pigment has not taken which is common. The top up is to fill in these areas, define the shape further and put in finer strokes to make them appear more fuller and natural looking. Some ladies also go a shade or two darker at the top up.


Over time and with sun exposure the colour of your eyebrows will fade. I recommend follow-up appointments in order to apply a colour boost. These appointments are recommended at least every 12 months in order to maximise the longevity of your new eyebrows. Some ladies who use harsh face cleansers and have a lot of UV sun light may need colour boosts sooner.

Before & After

Our Clients opinions


Linda Etherington

Wow! At last I’ve got eye brows. After years of pencilling I decided to have my eyebrows micro bladed. So happy with the result what Angie did was amazing. Like most I was unsure of what to expect but Angie explained everything and was so thorough she made the experience enjoyable. Looking forward to my top up. Would definitely recommend, thanks again Angie x

Lucie Mcknight

I had derma planing with Angie today and found it to be a really relaxing experience, not something I was expecting with derma planing but it was completely pain free and soothing! My skin feels fresh and soft and a fantastic base to have with my upcoming holiday!! Would definitely recommend. Thanks Angie x

Heidi Harkness

A friend recommended Angie and I love my brows . Would highly recommend x

Sarah Bowley

I have always have fair eyebrows and as a teenager I didnt help matters by over plucking them. Angie has transformed my face by giving me back my much needed missing facial feature!! I now have perfect brows which I love. Would highly recommend Angie x

Kara Hancock

Highly recommend Angie she is wonderful and did an amazing job!

Lucy Strudwick

Just had my eyebrows done by angie I love them! ???? And can’t stop looking in the mirror! Angie is amazing at what she does would definitely recommend

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